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*Course Structure

Trimester 1
Code Subjects
GEN C Managerial Economics
GEN C Business Communication
GEN C Fundamentals of Statistics
GEN C Principles of Management
FIN C Financial Accounting & Control
MKT C Marketing Management – 1
HRM C Organizational Behaviour

Trimester 2
Code Subjects
GEN C Macro Economics & Economic Policy
GEN C Decision Models for Management
GEN C Business Law
FIN C Corporate Finance – 1
MKT C Marketing Management – 2
HRM C Management of HR & IR – 1
OPM C Production & Operations Management – I
IST C Managing Information System

Trimester 3
Code Subjects
GEN C Business  Environment
GEN C Organization Structure, Process & Design.
GEN C Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
GEN C Research Methodology
GEN C Applied Statistical DM – Computer approach
FIN C Corporate Finance – II
FIN C Management Accounting
HRM C Management of HR & IR – II
OPM C Production & Operations Management – II
IST C Strategic Information Technology

Trimester 4
Code Subjects
GEN C Summer Project
GEN C Strategic Management 1
FIN E Company Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring.
FIN E Strategic Cost Management
FIN E Management of banks and Insurance
FIN E International Finance
MKT E Consumer Behaviour
MKT E Sales & Distribution Mgt.
MKT E Brand Management
MKT E Industrial marketing
MKT E Marketing Research
HRM E Industrial Relations & Employee Welfare
HRM E OD: Diagnosis & Interventions
HRM E Reward Management
OPM E Total Quality Management
OPM E Project Management
IST E Relational Database Mgt System

Trimester 5
Code Subjects
GEN C Strategic Management 2
GEN C Change  Management
FIN E Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgt.
FIN E Mgt. Control Systems
FIN E Futures, options & risk management
MKT E Rural Marketing
MKT E Advertising & Sales Promotion
MKT E Retailing and Franchising
MKT E Service Marketing
HRM E Performance Mgt. & Competency Bldg.(PCMB)
HRM E Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM E HR Budgeting
OPM E Supply Chain Management
IST E Businessware (ERP/CRM / SCM)
IST E Systems Modeling & Simulation

Trimester 6
Code Subjects
GEN C Capstone Exercise
GEN C Environment
FIN E Corporate Tax Planning
FIN E Merchant Banking & Financial Services
MKT E Relationship Marketing
MKT E New Product Management
MKT E International Marketing
HRM E Advanced Organizational Behaviour
HRM E Contemporary HR Practices
HRM E Human Resource Information System
OPM E Productivity Management
IST E Knowledge Management
C –
Core, E – Elective
GEN – General Management
FIN – Financial Management
HRM – Human Resource Management
OPM – Operations Management
IST – Information Systems and Technology

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